Bussigny (VD), Industry
The Project

The land makeover on which was the former ECAL (Cantonal Art School of Lausanne) and Fenaco’s famous silo will be made up of two parts : housing and business area. The housing section should represent 88%, whereas the business area, located near the cantonal road (2nd stage of the PPA [Partial Plan of Affectation] Industry), will complete the remaining 12%. 8% of all the housing will be for the public purpose, as requested by the Municipality and the Canton.

These apartments from 1½ to 4½ rooms will be located over 6 or 7 floors. All the residents of these generous housings will enjoy a covered balcony/loggia, with a view over a large landscaped park. Material will be carefully chosen, in order to guarantee the durability of the buildings and to bring all the advantages of a comfortable lifestyle. In the interest of accessible housing for all, it should be noted that the buildings and apartments will be open to people with reduced mobility. The buildings will meet legal requirements of the swiss Minergie label standards.

The forseen outdoor layout will include a visitor parking along the “Route de l’Industrie”. All private parking spaces will be located underground, in a common parking lot. A shared playground in landscaped park being joy to the toddlers and to the collective lifestyle in general. The intention of densifying a currently neglected neighborhood will be totally achieved.


Historical Background :



Conception of the first PPA Industry, incorporating a 60 meter tower


September 2012

A Referendum, after the rejection of the project by the residents of Bussigny


September 2015

Development of a new PPA Industry and the public inquiry submitted in September


19th July 2016

Entry into force of the new PPA Industry, after the unanimous approval by the City Council



Demolition of the existing "Fenaco Silo"


Aut. 2018 - Sum. 2019

First step of the industrial zone, located at ”Route de l’Industrie”, which will be transformed in a Residential and business activities area.