Marly (FR), Jardin les Epinettes
The Project


Overhanging the “Gérine” riverbed with a view of the Fribourg Pre-Alps, the neighborhood "Jardin les Epinettes" is situated in the west central region of Marly. It is a complex of 74 rental apartments and 15 sold apartments. The conservation of the landscape led to the construction of an underground parking of 74 places, leaving the exterior a quiet, welcoming and reassuring living environment. Close to businesses, schools as well as public transports, all the apartments retain large balconies and optimal sun exposure. All the accommodations requires the “Minergie” standards having double flux ventilation and allowing cool apartments, whilst having a low energy consumption.

Furthermore, the buildings are equipped with an innovative latest generation heat pump, system connected to five geothermal probes to a depth of approximatly 250 meters. This installation assures any heating and hot water necessary for each apartment as well as decreasing any infringement on the environment. Far from the traffic and at the same time close to any amenities, Simonet et Chappuis Architects knew how to develop a “bon vivre” neighborhood.